Our responsibility to the environment

Företagsbostäder is both environmentally diplomaed and yearly revised by a independent reviewer Sustema. We are constantly working towards becoming more eco-friendly by focusing on energy consumption, transport, and waste disposal. 

Conscious energy consumption

Since we offer over 3000 apartments, we co-operate with a wide range of property hosts. And, naturally, they are not all in sync when it comes to environmental work. But, we are always doing our very best to lower the energy consumption – by only using low energy light bulbs and actively searching for the most eco-friendly electricity supplier, for example. 

Climate friendly transports

We coordinate our own transports as much as we possibly can. And by having introduced electronic milage logs, we can continuously lower our fuel consumption. When purchasing transports, we always choose the most eco-friendly alternative. And by offering business apartments to our clients, we also help reduce their traveling. 

Active recycling

We are actively working with waste separation and recycling, in both our own offices and our business apartments. All of our apartments are equipped with sorting possibilities, as well as information on how to sort various waste. When we re-decorate our apartments, we always aim to only use eco-friendly products and furniture. As for the old interior – we give it away to charity, where it will find a new life.