About us

For more than three decades we’ve been gathering the whole world under our roof

Företagsbostäder has been helping companies with temporary housing solutions since 1993. Our ability to cater to different types of projects, lifestyles and budgets has made us a renowned housing partner to many of Sweden's leading companies. We aim to support you in any way we can when duty calls and you need to change cities or countries. With our wide range of more than 3000 apartments spread all over Sweden, we can tailor housing solutions to help you and your staff to feel at home. 


Creating the housing solutions of the future

Our goal is to develop the housing solutions of the future. At the same time, we aim to keep evolving and help even more innovators, entrepreneurs and multinational companies with their temporary housing needs. Sustainable growth is a priority for us and our customers can rest assured knowing that we always go the extra mile to make sure our corporate footprint is as small as possible. 


Easy to feel at home 

We want our residents to be able to live in a sustainable and socially active life. All our residencies have fully equipped kitchens, this way you can set your daily routines from day one. When you live with us it’s easy to enjoy home cooked meals and invite your friends and coworkers over for dinner. Our apartments and their locations are also planned so that you can work out at home or at one of the gyms that collaborate with us, or go for a run in a nearby park or forest.   


We all have different needs

The team at Företagsbostäder appreciates and makes the most of all the things we’ve learned during our many years in the long stay business. By keeping in touch with our residents and gathering feedback from our clients we are able to keep developing our services to cater to your specific needs. No request is too big or too small, whether it’s housekeeping, personal service or assistance with planning large scale projects. 


Reliable, flexible, easy

The team at Företagsbostäder consists of more than 50 associates whose job is to make you feel at home. We are available to you 24/7 in case anything unexpected would occur. We will provide you with the right housing solution for weeks, months or however long it takes for you and your team to complete your project. Our team understands what it means to move to a new city or country and we want to make sure you have the right conditions to excel at your job. They also understand the importance of relaxing and socializing, and want to help you make yourself at home in your new neighborhood.