Before your stay

What is the cost for booking a serviced apartment?
The price varies depending on location, size, standard and length of stay. We focus on finding you an apartment based on your wishes and budget. The longer you stay the better the price. You can book a week, one or several months with a minimum stay of four days. You only pay for the actual number of days and not per calender month. Payment is made in advance.
How do I book a serviced apartment?
Call us or send a request through our web site where you describe your need for a serviced apartment. We will match your wishes, for example, of location and price level. Then we will send you a couple of options with photos of the apartment. Once you have decided which one you prefer we will mail you a confirmation of reservation with all the details regarding your apartment.
Do I have to pay the hole month for the apartment?
No, you can book our apartments per day, per week or per month. Minimum length of stay is four days. The longer you stay the better the price. The stay period runs the period you wish regardless of the calender month.
What is included in the rate?
The apartment is fully furnished and equipped for self-catering. This means, for example, that there are clean sheets and towels and a fully equipped kitchen with, among other things, a microwave, coffee maker, kettle and toaster. All apartments also have an iron, ironing board and cleaning equipment. Some of the apartments have a washing machine, others have access to a shared laundry room. Wifi and TV with a basic range of channels is included. We do our very best to meet all requests make your stay comfortable. We are also proud to offer all customers and guests our 24/7 guest service with emergency telephone for urgent matters. Everything to make you feel safe during your stay with us.
Where can you get keys to and information about the company apartment?
We send a booking confirmation where you can read where to pick up keys, map and welcome envelope with practical information about the apartment. As a rule, you can pick up keys and welcome envelopes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the earliest, on the day of arrival at the earliest, unless otherwise agreed. You pick them up either at one of our offices, at a hotel near the apartment or in a key cabinet with a code lock in the property. Do you want the keys sent to you? No problem, we can bid them for a fee.
How quickly can you arrange a company apartment?
Since we have a large stock of corporate apartments, we can in most cases help you with an apartment on the same day.
Where are your business apartments?
We offer furnished and fully equipped apartments in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Linköping, Helsingborg, Lund and Älmhult.
How big are your corporate apartments?
Living space and floor plan vary between different apartments, but we have everything from small studio apartments and 1s to large apartments with five rooms and a kitchen.
Are all corporate apartments the same?
No, they are different both in terms of layout and interior design. However, all our apartments maintain the same high standard, and in many ways we coordinate both equipment and furnishings according to our concept; personal, modern and functional. When one and the same company books several employees and consultants in different apartments, we always try to ensure that they get equivalent apartments, even if, for example, the colors of curtains and carpets may differ.
How are your corporate apartments located?
Most of our corporate homes are very centrally located. In some places we also offer corporate apartments outside the city, with direct proximity to large workplaces and good communications. We always ask our guests what he or she prefers. If, for example, you are going to work for a period at Volvo in Torslanda outside Gothenburg, you can choose to live in Hisingen, close to work and with good communications into town. Or you can live in the city center, with good communications to work.
When will I be able to book an apartment online?
We will soon be able to offer online booking on our website. It's good when you know exactly what you want and may have lived with us before! At the same time, we really value the contact with both booking customer and accommodation guest, to be able to match the right person with the right apartment. Our experience is that this personal meeting is very important for the solution to work well, for everyone involved. Call, send an e-mail or ask for a quote and we will return with a personalized proposal based on your wishes.
Is it cheaper to book a business apartment with you than to stay in a hotel?
Yes, in general that's true. And the longer you stay with us, the more affordable it becomes. The shortest period of residence is four days. Even then, it is cheaper than the corresponding hotel, but after a week, the daily price is reduced further. If you book the apartment for more than a month, you get an even better price. And you do not pay for entire calendar months, but only for the days you actually book the apartment.

During your stay

Can you get cleaning service in the company apartment?
Obviously. If you want cleaning during the current housing period, we are happy to solve it for a fee. We can clean every week or as often as you wish. When we clean, we also change bed linen and towels. This is also a good solution if you want more employees or consultants to be able to share a company home.
Can you wash in your apartment?
In some apartments there is a washing machine, yes. If there is no washing machine in the apartment, there is access to a common laundry room, as well as clear information on how booking and washing there works. The information is available in both Swedish and English.
Is there parking to book when booking an apartment?
At some addresses we can offer parking. Feel free to ask us!
Can family and friends visit the company apartment?
Obviously! Being able to take guests home is one of the advantages of living in a company apartment compared to living in a hotel. Pets are also welcome, but only in some of our apartments and an extra cleaning fee will be added. Tell us in advance so that you get an apartment where fur animals are welcome (most of our apartments are adapted for allergy sufferers, and where fur animals are naturally not allowed to visit).
What happens if something breaks in the apartment?
Normal wear and tear is something we count on. If the iron breaks, we will of course arrange a new one. Report such errors to our office and we will help you. Should an urgent problem arise after office hours, we have an emergency number so that you can get help quickly. Living in our company apartments should be as comfortable and safe as staying in a hotel. You can read more about fault reporting and emergency services here.
Can I cancel the company apartment prematurely?
Yes of course. It can be difficult to predict exactly how long a project will take. You can terminate your company apartment prematurely, a one-month notice period applies.

After your stay

What should I think before checking out?
We clean when you have moved out, but appreciate if you throw away rubbish, wash the remaining dishes and put back furniture you may have moved on. We take care of the rest!
Can several people share a company apartment?
Absolutely, it's a smart way to further reduce your company's travel and accommodation costs. Our company apartment can be used by several people, simultaneously or in different periods. For example, we have several large 3s, 4s and also some 5s in our apartment portfolio. For internal changes, we are happy to help with cleaning and change of bed linen and towels for an agreed fee.
Can I get a proposal for a contract for a company apartment?
Yes, we are happy to produce a contract proposal based on your company's wishes and need for company housing. In this way, the handling can be even smoother and the price even lower. We are exclusive housing suppliers to a number of larger companies and help many of Sweden's HR departments to find good and affordable company housing for their consultants or employees. We also work with several relocation companies. Contact us and we will help you too!
Is it possible to arrange accommodation for all my expats and consultants in several cities?
Yes. We have a long history of collaborating with global companies and relocation organizations. Since we have many corporate apartments in seven cities, we can develop a complete solution based on your specific needs.
How do you meet the requirements of foreign guests?
We do our utmost to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves with us, regardless of nationality and language. All information in the apartments is available in both Swedish and English, and when specific requests arise, we always do our best to satisfy them as best we can. We work with several relocation companies and have extensive experience of working with guests of different nationalities.
How does Företagsbostäder work with quality?
We are the largest in Sweden at Företagsbostäder, but it is also important to us that we are really good at what we do. That is why we work actively with quality in everything from booking to interior design and service. We have a close dialogue with the customer who books, and also work with guest surveys to gather views from those who live in our apartments.
How does Företagsbostäder work with the environment?
We are environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base, and work actively with areas such as energy consumption, transport and waste management - all to reduce our environmental impact as best we can. You can read more about our environmental work here.
How long has Företagsbostäder been around?
We started our journey in 1993, with a handful of apartments in Gothenburg. Today we offer over 2300 apartments in seven locations in the country.