Företagsbostäder – the smarter alternative to hotels and tourist flats

Företagsbostäder – the smarter alternative to hotels and tourist flats

Our homelike corporate apartments are modern, price worthy, comfortable and conveniently located. And renting them could not be easier – all you need to do is to decide how many days, weeks or months you wish to stay. The rest is our responsibility, we take care of everything from the booking of your arrival to the cleaning after your departure. In other words, we offer a uniquely relaxed way of living when working abroad – whether you are staying for a long period of time or only travelling in business over night. 

Security, flexibility and service

We are Sweden's foremost corporate housing agency. So, what is our secret? Well, it is basically a synergy of security, flexibility and service. Because we can just as easily help you with temporary lodging on short notice, as providing a stimulating homelike corporate apartment for your long staying employees or consultants – perfectly located ”where the action is”. The rent is purely based on the exact duration of your stay; whether it’s days, weeks or months. We also have our own service team and a 24 hours a day hotline, to help making sure that you are happy with your stay and that everything is running smoothly. 

Furnished, centrally located and in varying sizes

We offer different size apartments, from small studios up to four rooms – located either centrally or close to larger companies. All of our apartments are nicely furnished and fully equipped, with easy access to public transportation.

Why not just check into a hotel?

Sure, hotel living is comfortable. But after a few days many guests prefer to cook their own food and receive visitors – especially if you are from far away, with another cultural background. That is why we find it important for you to be able to relax ”at home” after work. So that you get all the personal and private time you need while on your business trip.

Let us help you

Företagsbostäder Sverige AB started 1993 in Göteborg. Today, we are located in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Linköping – offering almost 1200 furnished apartments. With over 20 years in the business we have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Do you have an employee or consultants that frequently stays at hotels? Let us know and we will help you find a smarter solution.