Apartments for rent Västra Skogen

Västra skogen is very conveniently located in the edge of Solna that is closest to the inner city areas Kungsholmen and Vasastan. Its proximity to both nature and the centre of Stockholm makes it an ideal place for those who enjoy the forest but don’t want to live too far away from the city centre. The residents of Västra skogen also have the privilege of living near the beautiful waterfront that includes Pampas Marina and Huvudsta strandbad. Västra Skogen is one of the areas we have Corporate Apartments in Stockholm in and the apartments are suitable for everyone regardless of lifestyle and budget. If you have colleagues who need accommodation in other cities we have a wide range of Corporate Apartments in Sweden also.

Our Favourite Spots

Green areas
Very near this area you will find the Karlberg Palace which, apart from being a beautiful destination built in the 17th century, has several mapped running tracks around the estate with different levels of difficulty to choose from. Here you will find a more than 300 year old oak tree and the grave of Pompe – the infamous King Charles’s XII beloved dog – among other curiosities. Another popular place of exercise close to Västra skogen is the 100 meter long obstacle course 100 m Pep which is designed to give the residents of southern Solna a fun and simple way of working out.

Haga slott
If you move to Västra skogen you’ll end up living in the same neighborhood as no other than HRH Victoria, The Crown Princess of Sweden. The Haga Palace and its adjacent park are a very popular meeting place for many residents of Solna and northern Stockholm. It’s probably the largest park in Stockholm with many amenities such as several gazebos, pavilions as well as the very popular aquarium and Fjärilshuset (the butterfly house) where you can walk through a beautiful botanical garden among at least 700 butterflies of many different colorful varieties.

San Francisco is not the only town with a celebrated golden gate. When in Västra skogen, make sure to visit Guldporten which literally translates to “golden gate”. It is an artwork/monument by the artist Björn Evensen and was inaugurated in 1971. This sparkling bronze arch is a place for serene contemplation and a perfect spot to appreciate the view over the water and the very typical Swedish nature that surrounds it.

What Locals Do

The waterfront
If you’re a sailing enthusiast or just enjoy a nice lakeside walk, the charming waterfront near Västra skogen is a great place to be. Here you can find the hearty family style restaurant K4 Pampas. Walking all the way along the waterside will take you to Huvudsta strandbad where you can enjoy a nice day bathing and soaking in the sun.

The latest racket sport craze, Padel, is huge in Sweden and is perhaps already known to those who’ve spent some time in Spain. The padel courts are rapidly multiplying all over town and one of the most popular ones is located right between Västra skogen metro station and the waterfront. In Padelgården Solna you can rent everything you need to play this fun and popular sport.


This area is well connected to both the suburbs and the central parts of Stockholm through its metro station and proximity to the commuter train station which can easily be reached by bus. Bus line 152 will take you straight into Kungsholmen and bus line 507 makes for a quick trip to Vasastan.