Helsingborg might seem like a small town, but don’t be fooled by its modest population of 150 000. There are plenty of good reasons as to why Swedes from all over the country enjoy spending time here. Not only is it home to one of the longest and most beautiful coastlines in the south of Sweden, Helsingborg is a great mix of vibrant city life, proximity to nature and cultural diversity. It has both the charm of a small town and the feel of a big city. Our Corporate Apartments in Helsingborg are suitable for everyone regardless of lifestyle and we have a wide range of Corporate Apartments in Sweden if you have colleagues who need accommodation in other cities.

Our Favourite Spots

This well known pedestrian street runs through the heart of Helsingborg. Walking along Kullgatan you will find one of the city’s most visited shopping districts as well as a variety of cozy cafés, fun bars and restaurants such as the popular Barrica Mat & Vinbar. If you’re a fan of wine, deli meats and cheese, make sure to visit Ålgrändens Ost och Deli which is located just around the corner from Kullgatan. 

Söderåsen National Park
If you’re in need of a breath of fresh air or just want to spend a day in the well known swedish nature, Söderåsen National Park is an obvious choice. This well kept nature reserve is has something for all types of adventurers and excursionists. Whether you enjoy beautiful flora and fauna, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, or horseback riding, there’s always something new here for you to discover. The trip between the inner city and the park is a bit of a commitment (it usually takes one or two hours by public transportation) but it is well worth it.

The waterside promenade
The waterside promenade is one of Helsingborg’s most popular sites. Along this 5 kilometer walk you will find all sorts of hangouts and establishments. Near the south end of the promenade you will find the charming Restaurang Creo. As you walk north along the sea side you will see the popular beach park Gröningen and the iconic open-air bath Pålsjöbaden and the adjacent restaurant Pålsjö Krog. Towards the end of your walk along the promenade you will find one of Helsingborg’s most famous sites – the Sofiero Palace which dates back to the 19th century.   

What Locals Do

Filborna skogspark
One of the local’s favorite spots to enjoy a day off is the green area Filborna skogspark. This park is known for its great spots for grilling and picnics as well as its many as well as its trails where you can go for a run or a stroll. The many different types of trees and plants that grow around its ponds make it a great place to learn about the different species you can find in this region of Sweden. This is not only a great spot to enjoy a sunny summer day – the spring blossom and vibrant orange and yellow colours during autumn attract many visitors to Filborna skogspark. 

If you enjoy diverse gastronomy, interesting alternative shops, or just need a well stocked mall to do some shopping you will probably end up in the Söder neighbourhood. Walking along Södergatan you will encounter all sorts of scents and flavours from all over the world as well as several cafés on the street from which you can take in the atmosphere. If you walk from the southern part of Södergatan you will pass one of the city's most famous sites – the Gustav Adolf church on the square with the same name. The square adjacent to this impressive neo gothic style church is home to the city’s most popular market. If your shopping needs don’t get met in the many shops on Södergatan you can always rely on the conveniently placed shopping mall Söder Gallerian.


Many Helsingborg residents do their daily commute by bike. The distances between the city’s outskirts and the downtown area are very reasonable. Although there is no metro or tram in Helsingborg, the very well planned bus lines make most areas in the city very accessible.There are nine main bus lines running through the city and several other bus lines connecting the suburbs and nearby municipalities with the city centre. From the bus line hubs Helsingborg C, Kopparmölleplatsen, Sundstorget, and Gustav Adolfs torg it’s easy to travel to most areas in the city. The Skåne-wide train line Pågatågen has several stations in Helsingborg including Helsingborg C and Ramlösa station.