Gothenburg City

The heart of Gothenburg is no different from its native residents – full of life, joy and charm. Here you will find some of the most famous cultural institutions in the city such as the Gothenburg Concert Hall, Stora Teatern, The Gothenburg Museum of Art, as well as a well sorted shopping district and many lovely trails to walk or jog along the city’s characteristic canals. We hope you will find an apartment in Central Gothenburg that fits and otherwise we have several Corporate Apartments in Gothenburg and Corporate Apartments in Sweden if you are looking for accommodation in another city for yourself or your colleagues.

Our Favourite Spots

Trädgårdsföreningen is the ideal mix of culture, nature, great meals, and drinks. In its green houses and botanical gardens you will find exotic palms, roses and all sorts of plants and flowers. Apart from two cafés in the park, you’ll find Trädgår’n which is one of the main stages for concerts and variety shows in the city.

Inom Vallgraven
The residents of central Gothenburg have the privilege of living near some of the most beautiful sites in the city. The Inom Vallgraven area (which literally translates to “within the moat”) is the city’s “old town” and here lie a few beautiful historical sites such as the Opera, the Market hall and the Gothenburg cathedral. On the docks near the Opera and in the area around Kungstorget/Södra larmgatan you’ll find plenty of lovely restaurants and bars. When you feel like going on a shopping spree you’ll find one of the busiest shopping districts in town in the area around the cathedral.

There is no street more iconic to the natives of Gothenburg than Avenyn. The street runs between Kungsportsplatsen and the famous statue of Poseidon that stands on the square between the Concert Hall and the City Theatre. This street is alive day and night with cinemas, galleries, and shops as well as some of the finest cafés, restaurants and nightclubs in the area. No matter what your preferences are, Avenyn always has something to offer.

What Locals Do

Andra lång and Hagabion
One of the most visited and beloved streets in town is Andra Lång. On the 700 m walk down this classic street and the area around it, you’ll find a wide assortment of the locals’ favourite pubs and bars. Another favourite spot of the locals’ is the cinema Hagabion. Apart from a well curated selection of foreign and indie films, there is a charming café for you to enjoy as well as the popular bar Kino. Hagabion is also one of the main theatres during the prestigious Gothenburg Film Festival.

Feskekörka and Linnégatan
Nothing says Gothenburg gastronomy and culture like fish and shellfish. The city has a long history of being the country’s main hub for fishing and fish import/export. For this reason fisherman culture is deeply rooted within the city’s natives. Feskekörka (The Fish Church) is the main fish market in the city and perfectly embodies the Gothenburg fisherman culture. Another favourite hangout of the locals’ is Linnégatan. Along this long street on the edge of the Haga neighbourhood you’ll have no shortage of fun bars and shops to visit.


The Gothenburg central station is very well located in this area. From there you can take the commuter trains, intercity trains to the rest of the country, as well as all of the city wide tram lines and several of the bus lines that run in and out of the city.