Frequently asked questions about staying in a corporate apartment

Here you will find information on how to book an apartment at Företagsbostäder.

Can’t find an answer to your question? No problem, simply give us a call at 010-7075500 or send an email to info [at] foretagsbostader.se.

  • How do I make reservations?

    Simply call or e-mail us. Our goal is to find an apartment that meets your requirements, with regard to location and price range. After you have contacted us, we will send you a quotation with various proposals. And when you have made a decision, you will receive a confirmation.

  • How much does it cost to stay in a furnished corporate apartment?

    The first step is to get in touch with us, either by telephone or by sending us an email where you describe your needs in terms of location, size or number of beds. We will then get back to you with suggestions, pictures and quotes for different apartment solutions. If you want, you can also come and visit our apartments for a private showing (providing that they are available at the time). As soon as you have chosen the apartment or apartments you wish to reserve, we will send you a booking confirmation with all the necessary details.

  • Do I need to pay for full months when booking a corporate apartment?

    Not at all. When reserving our corporate apartments you do so on a daily, weekly or monthly basis — and you only pay for the period of your stay, not for the whole calendar month. The minimum stay is four days and the longer you lease, the better the price. 

  • Can I end my lease earlier than expected?

    Not at all. When reserving our corporate apartments you do so on a daily, weekly or monthly basis — and you only pay for the period of your stay, not for the whole calendar month. The minimum stay is four days and the longer you lease, the better the price. 

  • Can I prolong the stay in my corporate apartment?

    Yes. We know that it is hard to pinpoint exactly when a project will be over. That´s why we allow all our customers to prolong their stay. Just let us know one month before your original departure date runs out. When leasing our apartments for a longer period, we will contact you one month before your stay ends, to ask if you wish to prolong your stay or ”check out” as planned.

  • What is included in the price?

    All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped for self-catering, with clean sheets and towels. They also have a fully equipped kitchen — carrying necessities such as microwave, coffee maker, water kettle and toaster — as well as flat iron, ironing board and cleaning equipment. Some of our apartments include washing machine, while others offer access to laundry facilities. Wifi, stereo and a variety of TV channels is included, as well as a final cleaning of the apartment. Should you have any other requests, we will aways try our very best to fulfil your wishes. Since we want to make your stay as comfortable and pleasurable as possible, we are proud to offer you a 24 hours a day estate hotline — where you can report any problem or call in case on an emergency.

  • Can I require cleaning service for my corporate apartment?

    Absolutely. A final cleaning is always included in the price. And should you request it, we would be happy to clean your apartment, with changing of the bed linens and towels, at a surcharge. Once a week or as often as you would prefer. This makes for a good solution if the apartment will be shared by several of your consultants or employees. 

  • Can several people share a corporate apartment?

    Absolutely. Sharing a corporate apartment is a smart way to further lower your company’s travel and living expenses. If you want to book a corporate apartment that can be of use for more than one person, at once or during different periods, we recommend our spacious three-roomers or four-roomers. And as soon as your next occupant moves in, we will gladly help you with the cleaning, including changing of the bed linens and towels, at a surcharge.

  • How do I acquire the keys to, and information about, my corporate apartment?

    When sending you a booking confirmation, we also include information on where to pick up your keys, a map of the area and a welcome letter with practical information about your apartment. These items are available for pick up 24 hours a day, every day of the week — although, we would prefer if you picked them up after 17.00 on the day of your arrival. If that is not possible, please let us know. Your items will be available for pick up in one of our offices, at a nearby hotel or in a code lock equipped key box within the apartment estate. If you want your keys to be sent to you, we will gladly deliver them for a surcharge. 

  • Can I get a contractual proposal for your corporate apartments? 

    Yes. We will gladly give you a contractual proposal based on your company’s requests and corporate apartment needs. This can result in an even more flexible handling at an even lower cost. We are exclusive providers of corporate housing to several major companies, and we help many of Swedens HR departments when they are searching for temporary accommodation solutions for their consultants or employees in good and price worthy corporate apartments. We also co-operate with several relocation businesses. Get in touch with us, and we will gladly help you to!

  • How quickly can you arrange a corporate apartment?

    Since we offer over 1200 corporate apartments, we are usually able to find you one on the same day as you contact us. 

  • Where are your corporate apartments located?

    You can rent our furnished apartments in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Linköping, Helsingborg and Lund.

  • How large are your corporate apartments?

    Since we offer a wide variety of different apartments, the living space and planning tend to vary. We can supply you with everything from small studio apartments and one-roomers, to spacious and kitchen equipped five-roomers.

  • Are all your corporate apartments the same?

    No. All our apartments carry a high standard, but differ when it comes to planning and interior design. Each apartment is equipped and designed according to our concept; personal, modern and functional. When we help companies that want to book separate apartments for several of their consults and employees, we always try our very best to make sure that all the apartments are similar, even though the color of the curtains or carpets might differ. 

  • Can family and friends visit me in my corporate apartment?

    Of course! Compared to living in a hotell, one of the biggest advantages of staying in a corporate apartment is being able to invite as many guests as you want. Pets are also welcome, but only in some of our apartments and always with a cleaning at a surcharge. Most of our apartments are allergenic friendly — so if you want to bring a furry pet, please let us know in advance and we will find a suitable apartment for you and your pet.

  • What if something in the apartment breaks?

    Everyday wear and tear is nothing to worry about. If the flat iron stops working, for example, just report the error to our office and we will gladly replace it. Should an emergency occur after office hours, simply call our estate hotline and we will help you straight away. When living in our corporate apartments, we want you to feel just as comfortable and safe as if you were staying in a hotel. If you want to know more about our estate hotline, or how to report an error, please visit our Housing service.

  • Am I allowed to smoke in your corporate apartments?


  • Where are your corporate apartments located?

    Most of our corporate apartments are very centrally located. In some districts, we also offer corporate apartments outside of the city. These are all close connected to larger workplaces, with good public transport. To guarantee a comfortable stay, we always ask the guest about his or her preferences. For instance, if you are going to work at Volvo Torslanda for a period of time, you can either choose to stay in the city, where you have good public transports to your workplace, or at Hisingen, just outside of Gothenburg, where you are closer to your work place and have good public transports to the city.

  • How do you meet your international guests requirements?

    We always do our very best to make sure that every customer is comfortable and pleased, no matter culture or language. This includes providing your special needs or requests, to the best of our ability. All the information found in our apartments are presented in both Swedish and English. From being in the business for 25 years and while co-operating with several relocation companies, we are also well experienced in working with international guests. 

  • Can I do laundry in the apartment?

    Yes, some of our apartments carry a washing machine. Others are closely connected to a common laundry room. If your apartment is without washing machine, you will instead find information, in both Swedish and English, on how to book and use the laundry room.

  • For how long has Företagsbostäder been in the business?

    We started our business 1993. At that time, we only had a few apartments in Göteborg. Today, we offer over 1200 apartments spread out in six different districts all over Sweden.

  • How come I can’t book any of your apartments online?

    We are often asked about online booking, but we have chosen not to offer that solution. Our goal is to match the right apartment with the right guest, and to guarantee the best possible result, we want to establish contact with both the booker and the guest. In our experience, this personal contact is the backbone to a satisfactory stay. Please feel free to call or email us, and we will get back to you with a suggestion for your own personal solution — completely based on your requests.  

  • Is it possible to arrange accomodation for all of my expats and consultants in several cities?

    Yes. We are experienced in working together with global companies and relocation organizations. Since we offer over 1200 corporate apartments spread out in six cities, we can tailor-make a complete solution based on your specific needs.

  • Is it cheaper to stay in one of your corporate apartments than to live in a hotel? 

    Over all — yes. And the longer you reserve our apartments, the more you’ll save. Our shortest stay is four days and nights, and even then it’s cheaper than staying at a hotel. A week later, the price is even lower. A month later, and you pay even less. Also, when booking our apartments, you never pay for the whole calendar month — you only pay for the amount of days and nights you actually booked the apartment.

  • How does Företagsbostäder work when it comes to quality?

    We are Swedens number one provider of corporate apartments. But, more importantly to us; we always do our best to deliver — wether it is high quality in booking, decorations or service. To achieve this, we keep a good dialogue with our bookers, and we always take interest in our guests thoughts and opinions. 

  • How is Företagsbostäders environmental work?

    Being environmentally diplomated, we always work towards becoming more eco-friendly; by focusing on areas such as energy consumption, transport and waste disposal. Feel free to read more about our work with the Environment.