Apartments for rent Råsunda

Its residents would describe Råsunda as the “Old town” of Solna. Not only is it known for its beautiful architecture, it is also the place to be when it comes to gastronomy, local history and city life in Solna.  It is conveniently located near the mall and public transportation hub – Solna station and the very well stocked grocery store Ica Kvantum. If your company looking for apartments in Råsunda we have many Corporate Apartments in Stockholm to choose from and all apartments are suitable regardless of lifestyle and budget. Företagsbostäder have over 3000 Corporate Apartments in Sweden if you have colleagues who need accommodation in other cities. 

Our Favourite Spots

Skytteholmsfältet, including Skytteholmsparken. Is a charming and green meeting place for the residents of Solna. There is always some sort of activity going on in the park and when there isn’t, it’s a great place to play football, go for a jog or relax.

Råsunda Stenstad
The finest architecture in Råsunda is undoubtedly found in Råsunda Stenstad. This area was mostly planned and built in the early 1900s and its buildings are wonderful examples of Art Nouveau architecture with many winks to its predecessor – the National Romantic architecture. In this part of Råsunda you’ll find three lovely little parks right next to each other – Solparken, Slottsparken and Nyckelparken.

If we were to give you only one tip as to where to hang out in Råsunda, Stråket would be it. Around this lovely little meeting place you’ll find many great places to eat and have a drink. Make sure to visit the Iranian restaurant Saahgi Grill and the local favorite Sardin.

What Locals Do

Would you like to see the place where Ingrid Bergman made her first film? Filmstaden Råsunda was inaugurated in 1920 and was for many years Stockholm’s very own modest little TinselTown. The Swedish giants of film Ingmar Bergman, Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo, among many others, all started their illustrious careers on this location. There is a very nice cinema here and you can go for guided tours or a great meal at Regissörsvillan which used to be Ingmar Bergman’s working space. Make sure to have a waffle and coffee at the cozy Portvaktsstugans kafé while visiting filmstaden.

Charlottenburgs gård
Charlottenburgs gård is a more than 200 year old little estate in the heart of Råsunda and its yard is frequented by the locals. Residents of Råsunda also have the pleasure to live very near Sundbyberg. This neighborhood is very accessible by bike, bus or 25 minute walk and has many interesting shops, cozy restaurants and cafés for you to visit.


Råsunda is close to the metro, tram and bus hub Solna centrum from which it is easy to reach the city centre, other parts of Solna and many of the northern suburbs of Stockholm. It is also easy to reach the commuter train on Solna station by bus from Råsunda.