West Gothenburg

In the western side of Gothenburg you’ll find the hip and more bohemian neighbourhoods Masthugget and Majorna as well as Linnéstaden with the pride and joy of Gothenburg – Slottsskogen – this huge park, adjacent to the Natural History Museum is the venue for the widely popular city music and arts festival Way Out West. Apart from Slottsskogen you can find a lot of interesting little alternative shops and hangouts in this part of town. We have a wide range of Corporate Apartments in Gothenburg and thanks to our Corporate Apartments in Sweden, we can tailor solutions that makes you and your employees feel at home.

Our Favourite Spots

Most locals of Gothenburg are passionate local patriots and one of their favourite and most beloved places is Slottsskogen. Among the attractions in this enormous park and the area surrounding it you will find a zoo with nordic animals, the Gothenburg botanical garden, And the Gothenburg Natural History Museum. Each year during the month of August, around 100 000 people gather in Gothenburg for the Way Out West festival. This event is known for being very well curated and bringing in some of the biggest and most relevant artists out there. Huge names like Prince, Robyn, Wu- Tang Clan, and Erykah Badu have played there throughout the years.

Masthuggskyrkan and Stigberget
The Masthugg Church (Masthuggskyrkan in Swedish) was designed by Sigfrid Ericson and is one of the city’s most beautiful examples of the National Romantic style of architecture. The church, which was inaugurated in 1914, is along with the park area surrounding it, one of the most visited places in Gothenburg. It’s positioned on the top of Stigberget from which you can enjoy a view of most of the city including Majorna, the Älvsborg bridge, Eriksberg, and Slottsskogen.

City Life
South of the Majorna neighbourhood you’ll find Mariaplan. The streets surrounding this charming little roundabout are filled with great restaurants, nooks, and hangouts. Here you will find anything from Jamaican soul food to tapas as well as Enoteca Maglia which is one of the best places in town for Italian food and wine.

What Locals Do

Old Älvsborg Fortress & Röda Sten
The Old Älvsborg is located on the estuary of the Göta Älv river and was an important settlement between the 14th to 17th century. Today, the ruins of the Old Älvsborg Fortress and the surrounding area are a popular cultural meeting place in Gothenburg with art galleries and museums such as Röda Sten, Sockerbruket 17 Studios, and KKP Galleri. Röda Sten is not only a hot spot for contemporary and modern art, theatre, and dance, it is also known for its popular restaurant/café and skatepark.

Spare Time
If there’s two things Gothenburg locals love, it’s fish and music. A perfect weekend for a west Gothenburg local will probably include a visit to at least one of the two following establishments: Bengans record shop in the Stigberget neighbourhood, and Hasselssons matlucka. The first Bengans record shop opened in 1974 and since then, they have been synonymous with Gothenburg music culture with a wide selection of new, old, and local as well as international music. Few places evoke as much local patriotism as Bengans. Another thing Gothenburg locals are passionate about is fish and shellfish. At Hasselssons matlucka you can have classics such as moules frites or a great fish burger, but most people who visit them agree that no visit at Hasselssons is complete without trying their famous fish and chips.


From the public transport hub – Järntorget – it’s easy to travel between western Gothenburg and the city center. From here you can take the tram lines 1 and 2 towards the Linnéstaden neighbourhood as well as several others including lines 3 and 9 towards Masthugget and Majorna.