East Gothenburg

Residents of eastern Gothenburg are lucky to live within reach of places like Avenyn and Trädgårdsföreningen in the downtown area as well as great outdoor spots like Delsjön and Burgårdsparken. If you live in this part of town, chances are you’ll never need to feel either bored or stressed by city life. We have Corporate Apartments in Gothenburg for everyone regardless of lifestyle and budget as well as Corporate Apartments in Sweden if you have colleagues who need accommodation in other cities.

Our Favourite Spots

Delsjön & Skatås motionscentrum
Delsjön is a popular lake just outside of the city. It’s known for the beautiful natural reserve that surrounds it as well as for its jogging trails, bathing area, and hangout spots. There are several buses that run from the city to the nearby bus stop Delsjömotet. Adjacent to Delsjön is Skatås motionscentrum – an exercise centre that attracts many fitness oriented locals with its gym, hiking trails, football fields, volleyball courts, and frisbee golf.

Liseberg amusement park is one of the country’s main tourist attractions receiving more than 3 million visitors every year. Among other things, it’s known for Scandinavia's largest wooden rollercoaster. Unlike most amusement parks in Sweden Liseberg is not open in the summer – it is a very popular spot to take the kids on Halloween and in winter it becomes a Christmas wonderland with its Christmas market, baked goods, as well as some of the carousels.

Apart from being a great spot to sit down and enjoy the view of the city, Redbergsparken is known for being a stage for outdoor theatre in the summers and being home to the intriguing revolving gate art piece named “Ut” (Out) by the artist Alina Chaiderov.

City Life
If you’re looking for good meals, drinks, activities, and hangouts in eastern Gothenburg, most locals would probably tell you to explore the area between the Stampen neighbourhood and Redbergsparken. Along this stroll through the lovely neighbourhoods Stampen and Olskroken you’ll walk along streets like Odinsgata, Friggagatan, and Kobbarnas väg. In this area you’ll find everything from bars, restaurants, and cafés as well as gyms, small parks and sites.

What Locals Do

Ullevi & Gamla Ullevi
These two arenas are home turf for the three biggest local football teams. The smaller Gamla Ullevi is home arena for Gais and Örgryte IS, as well as the Swedish women’s national team (which is ranked 5th in the world). The biggest and most successful Gothenburg team – IFK Göteborg has also its home arena in the Gamla Ullevi stadium. This team has 2 UEFA cup titles as well as 18 national championship titles. The bigger arena – Ullevi – is the venue for most of the biggest international artists that come to the country as well as some of the most important sporting events hosted in Sweden.

The City of Gothenburg has big plans for the future of the meatpacking district – Slakthusområdet – which is located in the north-eastern part of town. There are already two popular venues there – the Spike Brewery tap room and the Wine Mechanics winery. Both of these establishments are the first of their type in the city and Wine Mechanics is Gothenburg’s first urban winery. Both these establishments are considered top class and are well worth a visit.


From the public transport hubs Korsvägen, Redbergsplatsen, and Gamlestads Torg you can easily take a tram or bus to most areas of Gothenburg. Korsvägen connects with the southern parts of the inner city whereas Redbergsplatsen, and Gamlestads Torg connect with the northern and central parts.