Welcome to our virtual corporate apartment showroom

Please enjoy this 3D tour to get an in depth look at some of our corporate apartments — right from where you are standing. 

Here you can take a virtual stroll from room to room. And if you want to get an overview look at the layout and furnishing, simply choose doll house view. By the way, by using Google Cardboard or anything similar, you will get an even more true to life experience. Our virtual showroom consists of a one-roomer, a two-roomer, a three-roomer and two four-roomers — all of them kitchen equipped. For more pictures of our corporate apartments, simply click on the city of your choice:  StockholmGöteborgMalmöLinköpingHelsingborgLund.

Psst… keep in mind, the layout and furnishing in these show room apartments are only examples. We offer a wide variety of apartments, each with its own unique elements. As soon as you have made your quote request, we will provide you with pictures of, and information about, the apartment that we believe will suit you the best.