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Longstay – a priceworthy way of living

Longstay – a priceworthy way of living

Longstay is a practical and cost effective housing solution for those who need a place to live for a longer period of time. With Longstay, the guest can stay for days, weeks or even months – in the same apartment. So, who is the typical Longstay guest? Usually, it’s either a consultant who is visiting Sweden in order to work with one of our multi-international IT companies, or it can be a project employee who is involved in one of Sweden’s bigger building projects. Longstay is often considered to be a real life saver for companies that need flexible and priceworthy accommodation for their employees.

One of the best things about Longstay is the price. The longer the guest lives in the same apartment, the lower the cost will be for the company. This way of cutting costs, without compromising on the quality of the housing, is something that is noticeable only after about a week’s stay. Especially when compared to staying at a hotel. Also, each Longstay apartment is homely decorated and fully equipped for relaxed personal living. This is highly appreciated by the guests, especially since they can cook their own food and are free to carry out their own everyday routines.

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Experience the world with Longstay

Longstay living offers a lot of freedom. And this has led to a new trend where Longstay guests long for more than just safe and comfortable living – they also want to experience the area in which they are staying. In order to cover all of our guests’ requirements and desires, we at Företagsbostäder have strategically spread out our  our apartments over the cityscapes. This makes it easy for you to either shorten the travel time to and from work by booking an apartment close to the work place, or to partake in the town culture by booking an apartment in the heart of the city.

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Compete with the right kind of corporate housing

The global market is growing, and so is the number of people working abroad. PwC, a British consulting company, predicts that by year 2020, multi-international companies will be working with consultants and employees from 33 different countries. Needless to say, many companies face logistical challenges when trying to house their traveling co-workers. And this is where Longstay is a real life saver. Since Longstay guests are living away from home for a longer period of time, their needs differ from the average hotel guest’s. That is why many of our Longstay guests bring their families with them. This homely living makes a big difference, both on the wellbeing of our guests and on their work performance. At Företagsbostäder, we work closely with each company’s HR department in order to find the right apartment solution for our guests.

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