Corporate apartments – Linköping

We offer newly about 110 decorated studio apartments in Linköping, with only a two minute walking distance to the Central Station and all commuting buses.

Want to reserve an apartment in Linköping? 

Then simply call or mail our leasing office and you will receive an offer. After having decided to rent one of our apartments we will send you a confirmation of reservation, as well as all the ”move-in” information you will need. And should you request it, we can always deliver the keys to you for an extra fee.

Find your apartment

StadsdelAddressZip code
CentrumBrunnsgatan582 34See map
CentrumEngelbrektsgatan582 20See map
SkäggetorpFogdegatan586 49See map
TanneforsGamla Tanneforsvägen582 54See map
CentrumGötgatan582 31See map
CentrumJärnvägsgatan582 22See map
CentrumKarl Dahlgrensgatan 582 28See map
JohannelundMunkhagsgatan587 26See map
HejdegårdenNattstuvugatan587 21See map
CentrumNya Tannerforsvägen582 42See map
JohannelundÖdegårdsgatan587 24See map
CentrumPlatensgatan582 20See map
CentrumS:t Larsgatan582 24See map
JohannelundSkogsgatan587 23See map
JohannelundSkogslyckegatan587 26See map
SkäggetorpSörgårdsgatan 586 45See map
LambohovSpannmålsgatan583 36See map
CentrumSparregatan582 21See map
SkäggetorpStiglötsgatan586 46See map
CentrumTimmermansgatan582 77See map