Corporate apartments – Helsingborg

As of now, we have about 90 apartments in Helsingborg. Most are centrally located, but we also offer apartments located in the lovely area, Slottshöjden.

Want to reserve a furnished apartment in Helsingborg?

Then simply call or mail our leasing office and you will receive an offer. After having decided to rent one of our apartments we will send you a confirmation of reservation, as well as all the ”move-in” information you will need. And should you request it, we can always deliver the keys to you for an extra fee.

Find your apartment

StadsdelAddressZip code
SöderBryggaregatan252 27See map
CentrumDrottninggatan252 21See map
TågaborgErik Dahlbergsgatan254 40See map
MariastadenGrepgatan254 48See map
CentrumHälsovägen254 35See map
TågaborgHelmfeldtsgatan254 40See map
CityJärnvägsgatan252 24See map
PålsjöKantorsgatan254 54See map
CentrumKarlsgatan252 24See map
FredriksdalKullavägen254 52See map
RingstorpKurirgatan254 52See map
FredriksdalLarmvägen254 56See map
CentrumLilla Möllevångsgatan254 35See map
CentrumMellersta Stenbocksgatan254 35See map
FredriksdalMinörgatan254 61See map
CentrumÖvre Eneborgsvägen252 48See map
MariastadenSpannmålsgatan254 58See map
CentrumTrädgårdsgatan252 24See map
FredriksdalTränsgatan254 61See map