12 advantages with business apartments

There is both time and money to be saved on booking a business apartment instead of a hotel. In fact, business apartments have quite a few benefits that you may not even have thought of?

Advantage #1: Convenient

Företagsbostäder lets you book 1800 apartments in six cities from the same contact person. Safe and reliable contracts and no need to panic when all hotels are fully booked. One supplier, one contact person and one invoice will save you a lot of time.

Advantage #2: Affordable

A business apartment is an affordable alternative to a hotel. The longer you stay in a business apartment the cheaper it gets. After only 10 nights in an apartment you start saving money compared to a hotel room for 1200 kr per night. The more nights you stay in a business apartment the better it is for you company!

Advantage #3: Flexible

Our business apartments can be rented from 4 nights and upwards, and you only book the period you actually need the apartment, regardless of calendar month. The agreement may be renewed or terminated in advance as long as you let us know at least one month in advance.

Advantage #4: Focus on your job – let us take care of the rest

Once the agreement is written, we handle everything from key delivery to cleaning. Our guest service is open 24 hours a day. It’s safe and comfortable for the guest and for the person responsible for booking.

Advantage #5: 1800 apartments in 6 cities

We are Sweden's largest provider of corporate housing, and we offer everything from a single room with kitchen to four and five room flats in six locations around the country.
It’s your choice!

Advantage #6: Location, location, location

Our apartments are located both in the central parts of the city as well as in the more business-oriented areas outside the city. Whether you are looking for apartments near the city centre, next to the train station or within walking distance to work, we’ve got it!

Advantage #7: High standard

We offer fresh, furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens and access to your own washing machine or laundry room. All of our business apartments are furnished based on our concept and maintain the same high standard. Click here to take a virtual tour of our apartments.

Advantage #8: Homely

We want you to feel at home in our business apartments. Go ahead and have your breakfast in your dressing gown in the morning and relax on the sofa in the evening. Be yourself, just like home.

Advantage #9: Well-being increases productivity

We all know that staying in hotels can sometimes get lonely. However, when you staying in a business apartment, you are more than welcome to invite friends, and if your family drops by, we will gladly help you with extra beds. If you want to live in the same corridor as your colleagues, we can usually solve that as well. The well-being of our guests are important to us and should be to your company as well. A relaxed and happy co-worker is a competitive advantage for your company! 

Advantage #10: One apartment - several guests

Sharing an apartment with other co-workers is a great way to make the rent even more affordable. The more the merrier!

Advantage #11: International competence

We have guests from all over the world and we have a long time experience in understanding the needs of different nationalities. A rice cooker or a pair of comfy slippers can make the whole difference, and we can help with extra equipment where needed.

Advantage #12: Not fully booked

The availability of our business apartments is not affected as much by major events as hotels. Even when the hotels have been fully booked for a long time, we can usually find you a place to stay. Try it out for yourself!

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If you want more specific information, please contact Helene. She will be happy to help you with a proposal that suits your needs and budget.

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