Lund is the home to the second oldest university in Sweden – Lund University was founded in 1666 and is usually ranked among the 100 best universities in the world. It is therefore no surprise that the city of Lund is known for its rich youth culture and student life. Even though it is a relatively small town there is always something interesting to find here, whether it is architecture dating from the 18th century and back to medieval times, charming parks, bars, or restaurants. We have several Corporate Apartments in Lund that suits everyone regardless of lifestyle and budget, as well as Corporate Apartments in Sweden if you have colleagues who need accommodation in other cities.

Our Favourite Spots

Botanical Garden
Right in the center of town you’ll find one of the most beautiful alluring gardens in Sweden. Botaniska trädgården is known for its very well organised and beautiful collection of plants among which you’ll find the exotic giant sequoia, ginkgo biloba, ghost, and katsura trees. The botanical garden is a perfect place to go for a picnic or to have a coffee at Kafé Botan.

Sankt Hans Backar
These hills in the northern part of the city are a popular spot for exercising, picnics, and going on dates. From the top of these hills you can find a great place to relax and enjoy a nice view of the city center.

Kulturen i Lund & Skissernas museum
Between the charming park Lundagård and the Botanical garden you’ll find the famous Kulturkvarteren (the culture quarters). These couple of blocks in the heart of town, and the many historical buildings within them, constitute Lund’s museum of cultural history – Kulturen i Lund. The many permanent as well as temporary exhibitions in this area tell the story of how the residents of Skåne of all social spheres and statuses have lived their life throughout history since the middle ages. Here, apart from an interesting and educational walk through space and time, you will find several cozy spots to enjoy the architecture, a coffee, or a meal. Lund is also home to one of the most unique museums in the world. Skissernas museum (The sketch museum) has the world's largest collection of sketches, models, and prep work for Swedish as well as international public art and it is well worth a visit.

City Life
On the streets adjacent to Lundagård (Kyrkogatan and Paradisgatan) and around that area you’ll find some of the most popular bars in the city. Make sure to visit Lenoteket and Mat & Destillat for a great meal and a glass of wine or Inferno for one of Lund’s widest selection of craft beers.

What Locals Do

No stay in Lund is complete without the locals' favourite meal – falafel – at Lundafalafel, near the popular student pub Botulfs restaurang & bar you’ll find the locals’ favourite falafel.

Student Culture
Two of the most classic traditions in Lund are part of the city’s rich student life – Lundakarnevalen (the Lund carnival) and Valborg at Stadsparken (Walpurgis Night at the City Park). The carnival has been celebrated every four years since 1896 and is the biggest happening in town. Valborg is celebrated every year on april 30th and gathering around Valborgselden (the Walpurgis bonfire) is a very important Swedish tradition which is usually carried on by university students.


In the city of Lund you’ll find Lund’s Central Station as well as Gunnesbo Station. From there you can take the regional commuter trains – Pågatågen – as well as Västkustbanan which runs between Lund and Gothenburg. From Lund Central Station you can take the intercity trains as well. Apart from a very well organised network of city and bus lines, there is a tram running from the center of the city along the famous Lund University and the rest of the busy north eastern part of town. It is also easy to travel between most areas in Lund by bike.