If you’re torn between a life in the country and the benefits that city life bring, Linköping is a city that you will find to your liking. A town that’s sometimes called Sweden’s biggest small town brings the benefits of both options. A lively and atmospheric city centre that offers the pulse and atmosphere that you want from a city. But, grab your bike (you’ll need one) and you’ll find yourself in beautiful rural areas within 15 minutes. Home to one of Sweden's most prestigious universities, Linköpings Universitet it’s understandable why a lot of tech- and IT companies have offices here. If you are looking for corporate housing in Central Linköping, you will find all our Corporate Apartments in Linköping here and we also have a wide range of Corporate Apartments in Sweden.

Our Favourite Spots

A park located nearby the city-centre. Often used by the locals for a walk or a picnic, but it’s also a space for pop-up theatres and concerts, fitness & sports and the museum ‘Naturcentrum’ which is a great family museum with a rich calendarium. 

There’s few more bustling streets in Sweden than Linköpings bar street - Ågatan. Filled with nightclubs, bars and restaurants, this is where the locals go to enjoy themselves during the weekend. That most bars and restaurants in the city are located at the same place makes it likely to bump into someone that you know. Most locals also utilise this fact to jump between several establishments during one night out. And you should end your night like all locals do, by ordering a kebab from one of the many shops nearby. 

Bergs slussar & Göta Kanal
One of Sweden's most picturesque areas is located a short bus ride from Linköping Central (Resecentrum). Jump on the lines 521 or 522 and within 15 minutes you’ll find yourself in the village Berg and next to Göta Kanal. A channel that stretches from the Baltic Sea to the lake Vänern that’s one of Sweden's largest tourist attractions, Berg is where many people go to experience it. During the season you’ll find anything from boat rides, family activities and concerts here. Or you can just take a stroll or bike ride through the scenic environments, it’s up to you.

What Locals Do

If it’s one thing that brings the residents of Linköping together, it’s a love for their local hockey team LHC (Linköping Hockey Club). At their home turf at SAAB arena, they compete against other teams from the tier 1 league SHL, and always draw a large crowd to their games. A must if you want to feel like a local. 


Bosses glassbar
The small ice-cream shop Bosses Glassbar is loved by the entire city, and as soon as the sun starts to shine with a bit of warmth during spring the lines stretches long down the street of Ågatan. They make their ice-cream fresh every morning so there’s always something new to try on your next visit. 


The region's public transportation provider Östgötatrafiken has their hub at Linköping Central Station where you can catch busses and trains to other cities within Östgörland as well as within Linköping. Most metropolitan lines run on a regular and dense frequency. But if you reside in Linköping it’s highly recommended to get a bike, on which you’ll easily get yourself within the city centre as well as the near suburbs.